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Cosmetic Dentistry

Bulverde Dentist Cosmetic Fillings
Composite Fillings Change out those ugly gray fillings for some esthetic tooth colored ones.
 Bulverde Dental Cosmetic Crowns
Porcelain Crowns With the new solid Zirconia crowns there is much less chance you can break them, even if you do grind your teeth.
Bulverde Dentist Tooth Whitening
Dental Bleaching Our take home kits will brighten up those pearly whites. And is more cost effective than a 1 Time visit. You can buy extra bleaching material if you run out a few months down the road.


    * Comprehensive Examination
    * Periodontal Evaluation
    * Simple Cleanings
    * Scaling & Root Planing
    * Tooth Colored Resin Fillings
    * Porcelain Crowns
    * Cosmetic Bridgework
    * Tooth Whitening
    * Dentures
    * Extractions
    * Root Canals
    Note: Many providers have stopped opting for root canals and instead extract the tooth and place a more expensive implant. We try to save the tooth first if at all possible.

    We accept the following payment methods:

    • Visa  MasterCard  American Express
    • CareCredit  Personal Check   CASH

Natural Smile Design

Bulverde Dental Assistant
Natural Is Always Better.
Have you ever talked to someone and immediately noticed extremely white chalk like teeth? Yeah... more than likely they're fake. We like to improve smiles and yet let them still appear natural. Over Bleaching and Over Treating can also make teeth look "un"cosmetic.
Natural Look - Good...     Fake Look - Bad.

Extensive Range of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Dental Exam

We start with a comprehensive examination.

Happy Child

We see what concerns you have.

Boy On Swing

We treat the problem and you show off your pearly whites.